Facebook Ads Specialist

In order to grow with my business, I’m constantly learning and ensuring that my knowledge stays up to date. If I don’t know it, I make a point of learning it and I invested in training with one of the masters of the trade, ensuring that the service I would go on to offer my clients would be first class.  This has enabled me to niche into offering Facebook Advertising – strategy and implementation as one of my key services.

I work with a range of clients, in both product and service based businesses, on short and long term campaigns. I make a point of fully understanding their business, their goals and their customer journeys in order that we can create a strategy to help them achieve success from their Facebook ads.

Unlike many Facebook Ads Specialists, I don’t insist that you have a mega budget for your ads to be able to work with me. I truly believe that Facebook ads can be successful for ALL businesses, whether you’re starting out with a £5 a day budget or if you’ve grown to £500 a day. Success looks different for every business and Facebook ads can be a cost effective part of your marketing mix, which can drive consistent, qualified leads through your door.

Here’s a blog that’s really handy, if you’re thinking about working with me.