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About Me

My name is Jo-Anna Francis (but you can call me Jo!) and I have run a successful VA business for nearly seven years, which has recently rebranded to become Jo Francis – Marketing Implementation Specialist. 

I was always a non-typical VA, having never been a PA or worked in any senior administration role and this allowed me to set myself apart as a Marketing VA. 

However as my business has grown and developed, the time came to lose the VA title and opt for something that really describes what I do. 

And what I do, day in day out, with absolute passion, is help my clients to implement their marketing strategies – from email automation, through to Facebook advertising  with much more in between. 

“Jo is an expert in building automated email marketing campaigns and sales funnels and has helped me build and execute campaigns for webinars, book launches, live events, online programmes and memberships communities (including Facebook ad campaigns). She is also an excellent writer, which means I’ve been able to get her involved in writing the copy for email marketing campaigns, sales pages, ad campaigns, social media updates & more. She is knowledgeable across all the key social media platforms and assists with content creation, scheduling and community management. She also has a good working knowledge of WordPress and helps create and promote the content on my blog and podcast. I can honestly say I’ve never worked with anyone so hard-working and multi-talented. Whatever you ask her to do, she can turn her hand to – if she doesn’t know how she makes it her business to find out. ”

“I have been using the services of Jo Francis for about 7 years now and the main functions we call upon her to help us with are:

• Placing newsworthy items and our adverts onto Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms
• Writing our blog posts
• Advertising job vacancies in a cost-effective way
• Writing our weekly emails to our customer base
• Managing our customer database
• Managing various marketing-related statistic reports I require to help me judge the effectiveness of our campaigns

Jo always produces her work on time, every time and now knows our business so well that she can work on a minimal amount of direction.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo to others…if she can spare any time!”


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