Masterclass – how to create and install your Facebook pixel AND what to do once you have installed it



It’s time to stop thinking about installing your Facebook pixel and take action!

In this one hour masterclass, I’ll show you EXACTLY how to create your pixel and how to install it.

I’ll also explain why you need it!

And even more importantly, I’ll take you through the next stage of what you should do once you have the Facebook pixel installed on your website (that’s the bit a LOT of people don’t know about and often think that the pixel is working magically in the background for them…when in fact, it isn’t).

And if you’re the first person to book in (and open to the idea) then I’ll actually use your website and your Facebook Ads Manager as the example in this masterclass – so in fact, you’ll learn how to do it AND get it done for you!

The live masterclass will take place at midday on Thursday the 8th of October.  If you can’t make it live, then the full recording will be available and sent out to you but I’d love to have you there in person.




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