Should you sign up to Infusionsoft?

I can’t write a blog without dedicating at least one article to Infusionsoft.  It took a while for me to find my niche as a VA, particular as I come from a broad sales and marketing background, which is perhaps less traditional than most VA’s but when I discovered and trained in Infusionsoft, I knew I had found my speciality.

So, what is Infusionsoft and who should use it?

In Infusionsoft’s own words, it’s a “powerful sales & marketing software integrates with thousands of apps to get you more organized, deliver personalized service and close more sales.” In my terms it’s the slickest and most intuitive email marketing platform, that also does so much more!

Is it for everyone? No, I really don’t think so.

When should you think about signing up to Infusionsoft?

  • If you have a budget to commit to your email marketing.  Infusionsoft is not a cheap option, and you may also want to bring in an outside resource (like me!) to help you implement your campaigns initially, and maybe even long term.
  • When you know you want to work out the ROI for all your lead sources, and effectively track where new leads come from and what’s working well (or isn’t working so well).
  • If you’re at a point where a simple autoresponder sequence is not enough when someone joins your list, and you need/want to be more targeted and more specific dependent upon the behaviour of that customer/potential customer.
  • If you want to know A LOT about your customers and contacts.  You can capture a whole host of really valuable data with Infusionsoft.
  • You have more than one product or service, so want to be able to up-sell, down-sell, re-target and direct your contacts towards the most suitable options (all via the powers of automation!).
  • When you want an email provider that integrates with a whole host of other technology, from email providers like Outlook and Gmail, through to accounts packages, membership sites and ecommerce platforms.

And who do I think is not yet ready for Infusionsoft?

  • Anyone with a limited budget. The starting point for Infusionsoft is $80 per month. By comparison, ActiveCampaign which has many similarities (although in my opinion is not as slick) starts at £23 per month. And if you have no budget at all and are just getting started, then the MailChimp free New Business option is a great starting point.
  • If you JUST want to send email newsletters or have a basic automation sequence when someone signs up.  Don’t pay for functionality you don’t need – MailChimp, CampaignMonitor or AWeber will be perfectly suitable.
  • You have no time to learn.  Infusionsoft is very different to most marketing softwares.  It’s not called “confusionsoft” for nothing! I won’t lie – there’s a lot to learn.  Generally, Infusionsoft do not let you take out a subscription without also making you take an “onboarding plan” which is a basic training module and the opportunity to work one-to-one with a coach so that you understand the platform.  This training is £1,999 or $2,999 for the “pro” version (although at the time of writing, the standard Kickstart onboarding plan is being offered at a discounted rate of $299).
  • You want to get going RIGHT NOW! Infusionsoft takes time… Not just the learning phase but also the set up.  You’ll be building campaigns, getting your contacts imported and tagging them so that you know who’s who and what’s what, you’ll need to understand the reporting, build webforms to connect with your website… There’s a whole host of “stuff” to get done before you send out your first email.  You’ll need 6-12 weeks at least.

Aside from what I’ve said above, Infusionsoft can and does work for any type of business, it can produce amazing results for your business (obviously in conjunction with some super sassy marketing copy and all the other relevant website content / social media visibility that you need to be ahead of the game with).

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