Thinking about working with a VA?

I get a lot of people ask me, tentatively, about working with a VA. Not always because they’re looking to work with me specifically (I’m not that big-headed) but generally because they’ve got to the point where they’re starting to feel overwhelmed by their business and the need to outsource some tasks is becoming a reality.

Most people start their own business because they’re passionate about their “thing”… Whether that thing is cutting hair, selling cars, coaching other business owners… But when you start up, it’s easy to forget that you also need to take on the role of administrator, accountant, sales & marketing manager, chief cook and bottle washer!! Every single aspect of running a business falls under your remit… It would be one hell of a scary job description if you were to write it up.

In the early days, most small business owners will take on all the tasks. Juggling working on your business with working in your business… Trying to do client business by day and managing “the business” business in evenings and weekends. But there does come a time when this stops being productive and workable, and definitely stops being fun (if it ever was!). Even clearing down your in-box can feel like a mammoth task when you’ve left it a few weeks and those 400+ emails have been scan read but not filed anywhere. So there they remain, lurking, making you feel disorganised and vaguely like you may have missed something… Tidy in-box, tidy mind I always say!

When a business owner hits this point, the point of overwhelm or the point of “I’m not enjoying this any more” then it’s time to take a realistic look at the task list and highlight a) what you’re good at and b) what you enjoy.

Everything not highlighted will become your “to be outsourced” list.

And make sure you’re totally honest, as this will give you the truest outcome, even if at first you can’t get your head around how you could outsource something. For example, you might be someone that absolutely hates the pressure of the ever filling email in-box and finds it a massive time hoover even having to open and glance through what’s coming in… But at the back of your mind you’re thinking “I can’t put that on my list of tasks to outsource – surely only I can deal with my emails?”

Believe me, you absolutely can give this task away, and you’ll delight in knowing that all incoming emails are efficiently dealt with and everything that you need to see or might want to read is filed in one folder for your perusal at the end of the day. Is it possible for someone else to know what you may or may not want to read? Of course it is… Yes it takes a bit of time and trust, but once you find the right VA they’ll soon get to know you and your business inside out.

So whether it’s invoicing, credit control, social media, email marketing, content creation, general admin or all of those things, there is someone, or even a team, that can help you. You can find one super VA to manage it all, and feel safe in the knowledge that you just have one point of contact. Or, you can start to think about building your tribe and creating a virtual team, with a VA, a book keeper, a social media manager, an email marketing specialist and a blog writer. It’s all possible.

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