What it’s like to be on the “other side”…

With Janet Murray as one of my key clients, organising fantastic live events is part of my working day. And being behind the scenes at the events, beavering away furiously, is a regular pleasure. But rarely do I go to events as “me”, representing my own business and fully intent on soaking up the content delivered on the day.

But when Atomicon came along, particularly because it’s an Andrew and Pete event and I have a middle aged lady soft spot for those boys, I decided that it was a must book.

Any event that starts with “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” is clearly going to be a winner. And their opening talk was what can only be described as the most learning based panto I’ve ever seen. The audience was captivated and totally on board with everything they delivered – they were talking about fears that resonated with all of us in the room.

Their talk led seamlessly into Victoria Fleming’s – tackling another fear of many a business owner – icky sales! She cleverly made it seem less of a chore, highlighting the negotiation skills we all have – battling daily with kids and partners!

A rapid tea and coffee break, where we all queued in a super polite British manner, and I jubilantly came away with coffee AND a custard cream!

For me, Teresa Heath-Wareing, the next speaker on the agenda, was a highlight. I’ve planned and delivered many a webinar for clients but having been set the task of delivering my own webinar, I was starting to feel like my years of knowledge had left the building. Cue furious note taking and some major “AHA” moments like “give your audience the what and the why but not the how”…

Onto lunch, a cheeky little “pack up” reminiscent of school trips of yesteryear but what’s not to love about a sarnie, crisps, fruit and a flapjack! It was a better lunch than I allow myself most working days.

The afternoon commenced with housewife’s favourite, Dan Knowlton. Another “whipper snapper” absolutely killing it in the digital marketing world. Refreshing honesty about his own journey with video, including some brilliant flashbacks to his early work. Dan successfully pushed everyone (including myself who HATES being on video!) out of their comfort zone and had us all recording live at the end of his session.

Then came the break out session. I’d got over my initial disappointment by this stage, having misheard and thought I’d been told that Lloyd Knowlton was doing a “breakdance session”… I still think that’s an idea that “has legs”… Maybe next year?

The choices of break out session varied from Facebook Ads, Chatbots, Video Marketing, Making Time for Marketing and Membership Sites.

I opted for Facebook Ads, an area I already specialise in but I’m always keen to garner more knowledge and pick up on any tips and tricks.

Another coffee break followed, this time with cup cakes! Always a winner. Greedy pigs like me had already wolfed theirs down before it was revealed to us that the images on the cakes were actually clues to the 2020 speakers… Ooops! Well, I like surprises anyway…!

Ian Anderson Gray kicked off the last part of the afternoon, engaging everyone with his talk on “going live”… A great livener to ward of the afternoon slump, we were soon all on our feet, rolling our shoulders and, dare I say it, almost singing!

Chris Ducker closed the round of speakers, with some inspirational insights into building your personal brand.

And finally it was back to “the boys” who closed the day leaving us wanting more. We knew what was coming… the launch of the 2020 event… And as if by email marketing magic (my favourite kind of magic!) the launch email arrived in our in-boxes! I’ve never seen so many people hit an Eventbrite button so quickly! Of course we’re all coming back next year! Wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Now I would be doing the event an injustice if I didn’t mention the pre and post event parties. These were superb for fun and networking… I’m keeping it short in terms of detail. You know the deal – “what happens in Newcastle, stays in Newcastle”!

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