With my Learn With Me Facebook Ads session, I can help you to understand the basics really quickly and start creating effective ads that bring in leads and sales for your business.

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information available about Facebook ads?

I get it.

Type in Facebook ads and Google will give you hundreds and hundreds of pages to look at and it’s easy to feel like you’re in too deep before you’ve even started.

What happens when you just want to understand how to get started? All the jargon can make it feel like a dark art that you’re never going to fathom out. Can it really be something you can master?  Won’t it take forever to learn even the basics?

The truth is, it can be as hard or as easy as you make it.  Yes, the deeper you go into Facebook ads, the more analytical and time consuming it becomes, but every single business owner can learn the fundamentals they need to know to start running their own ads.  

Now you may be thinking “why would she teach us how to do this when running Facebook ads for businesses is part of her business“?

And the honest answer is that I create and implement Facebook ads primarily for business owners who don’t have the time (or the interest) in working on their own ads, so I know that there will always be a need for my services even if everyone DOES know how to manage their own ads.

And the more successful you become with your ads, the busier you will become… and then I’d love to welcome you back as a client and manage your ads for you – because you want me to, not because you don’t know how to do it yourself! 

Who am I and how can I help you?

My name is Jo Francis and I am a successful Facebook Ad Strategist, managing ad campaigns for a wide variety of businesses, with budgets from as little as £200 a month through to £50,000 a month. 

I’ve been running my own business for over ten years now, so I know what it’s like to want to learn new skills and not always have the budget to spend on high level training or outsourcing. 

I am a Meta Certified Business Partner and I’m also a Meta Lead Trainer. So I’m fully qualified to teach the strategies that Facebook themselves recommend. I’ve given training masterclasses to 100s of small businesses across the UK, sharing my knowledge and helping people to get started with Facebook ads. 

As such, I’m able to offer a limited number of 1:1 coaching sessions, which will allow you to learn the basics of Facebook advertising – covering everything from setting up your Facebook Business Manager, ensuring all your Meta assets are correctly set up and connected, right through to building out your first ad campaign.

And if you’ve already made a start with Facebook ads, we can assess your results to date, ensure your targeting is en pointe, work through copy and creative suggestions and look at how to upscale the results for your next campaign.

Mistakes that people make...

If you’re posting regularly on your business Facebook page, you’ll no doubt have been presented with the “boost post” option on numerous occasions.  It can feel tempting, it doesn’t seem to cost much… It could work for you, but it’s just one option of many, so you need to understand what it can do for you and whether it’s really going to be effective before you hit boost post. 

The Facebook pixel should be on EVERY website, whether you’ve delved into Facebook ads already or not. This clever little piece of code should be working in the background building up an audience of Facebook folk that are visiting your website, browsing your products and services. You may think you’ll never need them…but wouldn’t it be great to know that you have that information if you ever do want to use it? 

Step away from Google. We’ve all done it… You Google your aches and pains and suddenly you find out you have some kind of tropical disease usually only specific to African elephants… It can feel much the same with Facebook ads! There’s no denying there is a wealth of free information out there, but you’ll find yourself spending so much time trying to unravel all the pieces and churning through pages and pages of information, and you may feel defeated before you’ve event started. 


Introducing... Learn With Me Facebook Ads

What’s Included?

– A recorded 2 hour Zoom session.

– Seven (working) days unlimited email support following the Zoom call.

– A Facebook ad checklist for you to work through and tick off.

– A Facebook ad planner so you can work out your why, what and how before you build your ads. 

What Experience Do I Have?

I do exactly what I am teaching you. Day in day out I am helping product and service businesses to build Facebook ad campaigns that convert into leads and sales. I work with business owners that want to spend as little as £1 a day, through to businesses spending thousands of dollars, so I know how to make ads work for everyone.

I know what you’re thinking...

Surely we'll need more than two hours...

We don’t. I promise you.  

It would definitely take a LOT longer on your own, but I know exactly where to direct you and how to set things up quickly and effectively. This means that you’ll be working on your ad campaign in no time at all, and when we get into the real nitty gritty stuff – everything is recorded, so you can go back and review the information whenever you need to. 

 Your Facebook ads will be up and running in no time at all. 

Surely I could find this information for free somewhere...

I absolutely don’t deny that there is a wealth of information about Facebook ads available if you search Google. 

But the same could be said for everything – you could learn how to build a house via Google if you have the time and patience to research, work out what information is relevant, find someone with a teaching style that works for you…

What I’m offering you is all the information you need, delivered direct to you, one to one, in an easy to understand format. It’s so much easier to learn in a practical way, so that you’re “doing” rather than just reading or watching. I’ll ensure that you are up and running with successful Facebook ads quickly and effectively. 

Let's get to the good stuff - How it works!

A Learn With Me Facebook Ads Session will give you everything you need to know to create your first Facebook ad and start harnessing the power of Facebook to deliver you leads and sales. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new to Facebook ads or if you’ve been making a start already, this session will help to make sure that you’re set up correctly and creating the best types of ads to maximise your budget and get the best ROI. 


Questions You Might Have

Of course! The most important question… It’s £397+VAT. 

You’ll get a two hour Zoom session with me, 1:1, at a time that suits you. Plus 7 (working) days unlimited email support following the session. You’ll also get a bonus checklist and ad planner.

This is 1:1 training so ideally suited for just one person. If you wish to have multiple attendees, then there is an additional charge of £197 per person.

I’m happy to facilitate the training in person for local businesses (in the Maidstone, Kent area). I will travel outside of the area, but travel and accommodation charges will apply. Additionally, the training remains 1:1 if done in person, or can be amended for multiple delegates (with additional per person charges).

Of course! If you’re not someone that wants to learn how to run your own ads, then I’d be delighted to build and run your ads for you. The starting point for this is to book an Ad Action Plan, where we can have a call and dive deep into what you want to achieve. 

I offer Power Hours, where I will video call with you and spend an hour going through whatever element of Facebook ads you feel you need more assistance with.  

I’m afraid that I cannot offer refunds once the session has taken place so please be certain before you purchase. You are welcome to email me any questions on before you make your purchase. 


Learn With Me Facebook Ads


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