Would you like to grab some time with me?

A Power Hour is an hour that we spend together, online, focusing on a specific problem / hurdle you are facing in your business.

An image of Jo Francis. She is a white woman with ginger hair wearing a navy blue dress and holding a leopard print mug.

In a Power Hour we can…

Dive deep into your Facebook ads – whether you’re already running campaigns or thinking about getting started. Often an hour is all you need to get an overview of what you’re doing now, what you could be doing and how to implement the changes to see a better ROI from your Facebook ads. We can use the time to really turn your ad success around – whether that’s rewriting your ad copy, redefining your target audiences, understanding the stats you’re getting from Ads Manager, or totally rethinking and revising your strategy.

Or perhaps you want to discuss your email marketing campaigns and your sales funnel? We can screen share and jump right into your email campaigns to take a look at what you have set up and identify any areas you can improve. I can help you with list hygiene, campaign building, broadcasts, sales funnel advice, tagging queries or anything else you’re struggling with.

It’s your hour – we can use it however you choose – strategy or implementation.

We can take a look at what you have set up so far, what you’re hoping to achieve and how best to do that. I can help with developing Facebook ad and email marketing campaigns to promote and deliver lead magnets, nurture your warm audiences, build brand awareness, create strategies for retargeting  and we can even sort that ‘icky bit at the end – the sales campaigns.

I spent weeks (nay months) trying to work out how to get Facebook Ads up and running on my own. Countless YouTube videos, trial and error (more error than anything else) and ultimately just a lot of frustration. Jo showed me how to set up all the back end bits and then gave me a complete run down of how to get an ad live. Straight afterwards she sent me over the recording of the call which was priceless when I tried to set up a new ad a week later and had completely forgotten how to do it. I'm sure I'll re-watch that video more than a handful of times and having it there to go back to is worth the cost of the call all over again.
Thank you so much for today's session. Best hour I've ever spent focussed on a single topic with a professional.
I've come away much clearer

You can use the hour to ‘pick my brain’ – I’ve been in sales and marketing for well over 20 years, it’s my passion, so getting an outside perspective on what you have in place can be invaluable.  I’m regularly asked to meet up for a coffee, or to jump on a call for some advice, and as much as I’d like to be able to do this with everyone that asks, it just isn’t possible. I’d never get any work done or make any money!

The Power Hour will give you a fully focused hour to talk with me about your business.

This Power Hour really is that... A great chance to really bounce ideas and get some very insightful and well communicated support from an expert in her field.
The Power Hour helped us to clarify some key questions about Facebook Advertising, to understand how we could grow our skills and audiences, and really helped shape our strategic planning with much deeper insight.