"I will be running more [ads] in the future and will be using Jo again"

Fed up with seeing the Boost button on Facebook trying to lure me in for four years and knowing it never actually achieves anything I decided it was time to look at Facebook ads - especially as I'd just published my second book, The 20% Rule (she better keep my shameless plug in this testimonial). I'm a huge advocate of outsourcing to an expert when you either can't, won't or shouldn't be doing something yourself and this was definitely one of those times. I initially booked a Power Hour with Jo to find out whether ads were right for my goals and to find out what I needed to do to get them out there. Jo's explanations were clear and absolutely no jargon, I felt confident knowing she knew what she was doing. Jo followed up with an email and again, this was brilliantly worded so I knew what was needed from me and what she'd be doing on my behalf. My ads went out, I had a great conversion for my first go and I felt very grown up. I will be running more in the future and will be using Jo again - or not if she removes my shameless plug above.

"We've increased our email list by 300% and for every £10 we're spending on ads we're getting £25 back in sales"

"I had 350 people sign up to my freebie, adding 50 per cent to my email list"

I’d tried to figure out Facebook ads myself and made a right mess of it, spending hours on my laptop tearing my hair out and achieving very little. Even thought I followed advice from massive gurus and experts I never seemed to be able to make things work. Then I got Jo to do it. She took all the hassle away, told me what to do and what she needed from me in a simple and clear way and I had 350 people sign up to my freebie, adding 50 per cent to my e mail list. This has meant more interest in my membership programme, more listeners to my podcast, more people on my challenge and 120 likes on my page in one month/20 per cent increase in one month. If you’re using ads and muddling your way through and are on the fence about Jo, please make life easy for yourself and invest in her services. It will make such a difference, save you lots of stress and a load of money too as your ads will work and reach the right people.

"Working with Jo was easy, I explained what outcome I wanted to achieve and she suggested the best way forward"

I got a return of more than £1470 on my first ad campaign! During lockdown I had to quickly introduce a new home delivery service for my ice cream business with all sales via our website. I had always thought about testing some Facebook ads, I had previously boosted lots of posts and never got much back from that. It seemed like a good time to try it, we were offering a service that was proving very popular in the early stages of lockdown, I thought it would be a good way to reach some brand new customers. Working with Jo was easy, I explained what outcome I wanted to achieve and she suggested the best way forward. I provided some outline ad copy and Jo did the rest. I was thrilled with the results – about 86 orders from brand new customers – and I will definitely be using Facebook adverts again, via Jo of course!
Jo doubled my mailing list on just £3 a day - I couldn’t believe such a small budget would have seen such large results and I’m so grateful to her.
An image of Tricia Murray. She is a white woman with blond hair wearing a black dress. She is sat on a bed and holding a very small baby
Tricia Murray
Therapist | Coach | Doula
I have been using the services of Jo-Anna Francis for about 7 years now and the main functions we call upon her to help us with are: • Placing newsworthy items and our adverts onto Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms • Writing our blog posts • Advertising job vacancies in a cost-effective way • Writing our weekly emails to our customer base • Managing our customer database • Managing various marketing-related statistic reports I require to help me judge the effectiveness of our campaigns Jo always produces her work on time, every time and now knows our business so well that she can work on a minimal amount of direction. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo to others…if she can spare any time!"
An image of Chris Porcas. He is a man with brown hair and some facial hair. He is wearing a white t-shirt with a logo for Vintage Timber and a web address.
Chris Porcas
Forestrall Timber & Fencing Merchants
Jo has had a huge impact on my business. We got chatting at the Kent Independent Trader Awards, when she won Start Up Business and I won Tradesperson of the Year. When Jo explained to me the impact a social media strategy could have on my business, I was keen to get started. From there she has set up and managed all of my social media accounts, which have proved to be a constant source of new business. Over and above that, her marketing services have been invaluable, from writing new copy for my website to job descriptions and marketing letters. If you need some assistance with your business, then I thoroughly recommend you get in touch with Jo.
An image of Ben Smith. He is a man with very short hair. He is wearing a grey top and is holding a certificate in a frame and he is stood in front of a banner.
Ben Smith
Autospray Solutions
I have been working with Jo on and off for about ten months. I had been building my Coach Collective Facebook group organically but with Jo's expertise my lead magnets are now bringing people to my audience on Facebook and they are the “right people” - brilliant, values led coaches. Jo has helped me increase both my email list and my Facebook group by 100% and growing all the time. Jo has been brilliant, she gets stuff done with no fuss and makes sense of my sometimes tangled requests. She seems to be able to get a tonne of stuff done in not much time! She monitors my ads and tweaks what’s needed. I trust her completely with this and I’m thrilled to have found her. With Jo on board managing all my leads and ads and growing my audience I get to do the stuff that I love and increase my revenue.
An image of Emma Dempsey. She is a white woman with ginger hair wearing a black top sat in front of a MacBook
Emma Dempsey
Business & Mindset Coach