How I can help

Are you fed up of wasting time and money on Facebook ads and getting no real return?

Or maybe you haven’t yet got off the starting blocks with Facebook ads as the whole idea of it feels like just another tech nightmare?

I get it.  You are totally not alone! I speak to people every day who are struggling with this too.

And not just their Facebook ads, but the whole concept of their “sales funnel” – what they should be doing with leads and enquiries when they DO come in, how they can use email marketing to nurture them and how to ultimately make the sale. 

What you need is help to implement your marketing – not just someone to tell you what marketing you should be doing! 

That’s where I can help. If you want your Facebook ad campaigns built and managed and your email automation put in place, to finally help you create an effective, workable sales funnels then you’re in the right place. 

"Working with Jo was easy, I explained what outcome I wanted to achieve and she suggested the best way forward. I provided some outline ad copy and Jo did the rest. I got a return of more than £1470 on my first ad campaign!"
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Problems I solve

Growing your Facebook page organically can be tough. It’s a slow process. A Facebook page growth campaign (using Facebook ads) is not cheating. You’re not buying likes you’re actually paying to present your Facebook page to your ideal target audience and offering them the chance to like your page. You can read more here.

If you’re someone that’s actively engaging with your audience on your Facebook page and regularly posting interesting content then you’ll see that as you get more “likes” (Facebook page followers) you’ll start to get more reach and more engagement. 

By targeting the right audience, you can start to present your Facebook page to the types of people that you know will ultimately be your ideal client / customer. And in turn, they’ll be interested in you! 

Sometimes just getting started can be the hardest thing – and if you know that you want to run Facebook ads but you just don’t know how to, then this is ideal for you.

Perhaps you have already made a start but feel that your ads haven’t had the impact that you’d like, or, you’re not sure if you’ve set them up correctly.  Having a campaign built for you can give you a good template to follow and also give you a comparison for the ads you’ve run to date.

Facebook ads can become a really important part of your sales funnel. Constantly driving new leads into your business but it does help to plan out how exactly that happens – thinking about the audience building stage, the traffic driving, the different ways in which Facebook can drive new contacts towards your business alongside the sales aspect.

Being able to implement a full Facebook ads strategy will enable you to have a your online audience building in the background, so that you have a constant source of people to retarget with your offers.

A single campaign is a great way to get started with Facebook ads, but you know that you want something more – an ongoing presence that is going to form a consistent part of your marketing and sales funnel.  You can read more here.

Facebook ads are not just for people that want to make sales online. It’s really important to understand the need for building an online audience, engaging with potential customers and building the “know, like, trust” factor. That’s why putting in a longer term strategy is really important. You can find out more about why you might not be ready for Facebook ads here.

Building your online audience is not just about Facebook followers, Instagram followers and your audience of website visitors.  You also need to be thinking about building your email list. Sales happen A LOT via email, so you need to get interested folk over to your list! 

A lead magnet that offers potential customers something of value for free is the ideal tool to get people to join your email marketing list.  And yet sometimes it can seem like the hardest thing to think of for your own business.

Once you have created a lead magnet, it can often lie dormant as you don’t really know how to push it out and to get people to sign up for it.  This is where Facebook ads come into their own – being able to show your lead magnet to audiences of your ideal client / customer can build your email list a hundred times faster than if you wait for it to grow organically.

How I can help

Email Marketing

You understand the power of having an email list but haven't yet got to grips with automation and working out what to send and when

Facebook Ads

You want to start using Facebook ads and  want to find a way to turn them into a lead generating machine for your business

Power Hour

You'd like to spend some time focusing on YOUR business and talking through the possibility of using Facebook ads and/or email marketing 

About me

I’m Jo-Anna Francis, but it’s always just Jo unless I’m in trouble! 

With a twenty year career history primarily incorporating senior roles in sales and marketing, in 2012 I decided that the time was right to utilise my varied skills and experience to assist a range of businesses. 

I work from a dedicated office at home (no kitchen table for me!) and have constant black coffee on the go!  Outside of work hours, I’m passionate about the gym, have two children (well. one’s a grown up – but don’t tell anyone!) and two dogs.

I’m famous for my eye-rolling and straight talking, but don’t worry, I’ll be gentle with you (at first!).

Am I right for you?

Who I work with​

✔  Established business owners (one year +)

✔  People that understand the importance of building an audience

✔  Collaborators – I want to work WITH you on your business, not FOR you

Who I don't work with​

X  Start ups (I have faith in you, but come back to me in a year)

X People that think Facebook ads are a magic bullet that will solve EVERYTHING

X People that really want an employee that they can bark orders at

Ready to get the ball rolling?

"I’d tried to figure out Facebook ads myself and made a right mess of it, spending hours on my laptop tearing my hair out and achieving very little. Even thought I followed advice from massive gurus and experts I never seemed to be able to make things work. Then I got Jo to do it. She took all the hassle away, told me what to do and what she needed from me in a simple and clear way and I had 350 people sign up to my freebie, adding 50 per cent to my e mail list. This has meant more interest in my membership programme, more listeners to my podcast, more people on my challenge and 120 likes on my page in one month/20 per cent increase in one month. If you’re using ads and muddling your way through and are on the fence about Jo, please make life easy for yourself and invest in her services. It will make such a difference, save you lots of stress and a load of money too as your ads will work and reach the right people."
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