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If you are considering signing up to Infusionsoft or are a current Infusionsoft user you might want to consider working with an Infusionsoft savvy email marketing specialist.

I am a certified Infusionsoft Sales and Marketing Expert and can take care of many of the day to day elements that are required in the software.

So, what Infusionsoft support can be provided for you:-

  • Preparation of Broadcast E-mails.  If you send out regular e-mails to your database of e-mail addresses then the e-mail template can be prepared for you, with relevant copy if required.  The e-mail can be tested and the broadcast can be scheduled.
  • Campaign Builder.  Your strategy can be discussed and the framework for the campaign can be laid out, with your starting goal and follow on sequences.  The canvas can be fully positioned to incorporate relevant tagging, follow up e-mails, tasks and any other sequence items you require as part of your strategy.  The campaign can be tested in advance of going live.
  • Importing Contacts.  All of your contacts can be prepared in a CSV file and imported into the system.  Relevant tags can be added pertaining to the source of the contact and the current relationship status.
  • Cleaning Data.  Regular data cleaning can be implemented to ensure that there are no duplicate contacts. 

  • Running Reports.  There are a wide variety of reports available within the Infusionsoft system and these can be organised in advance for you on a regular basis, and placed on your Infusionsoft Dashboard so that you have relevant information to hand as and when you need it.
  • E-Commerce. Assistance can be provided with setting up your Infusionsoft e-commerce from the initial creation of products, categories and shopping cart through to integrating a merchant account and organising promo codes.  When your shop front has been created, product links can be added, price changes implemented and any ongoing alterations managed for you.
  • App Assistance.  Primary apps such as CustomerHub and GroSocial can be implemented and assistance provided with the set up and management of these apps.  In addition to this, the Marketplace of plug ins and apps is growing rapidly so assistance can be provided finding the tools that will help your business achieve its goals and maximise the opportunities within Infusionsoft.
  • Software Updates. Infusionsoft has a major software update twice a year however there are often minor updates and changes being made.  Working in tandem with an Infusionsoft pro will mean that you have a better chance of staying up to date with what you need to know.

Depending on the nature of your business, there are many ways that you can be assisted with Infusionsoft, whether it’s remotely working on your marketing campaigns or helping you to get your sales team up to date with the workings of the CRM system and understanding the implementation of the sales pipeline.

You can book a Power Hour to discuss your campaigns in detail, or you can book a Starter Package to get a Power Hour and your campaign built.

Get in touch today if you would like to discuss more about Infusionsoft support.