Facebook Audience Build and Lead Magnet Campaign

I speak to so many clients, all with similar needs, who want to work with me on their Facebook ads but need a strategic campaign put in place, hence the creation of this package.

There is no one size fits all strategy, but, booking this three month package sets in place the foundation for your overall ad campaign.


£2,350.00 Price incl. VAT: £2,820.00

Understanding the need to build your online audience is integral when getting started with Facebook ads.

This three month package works through building your audience, creating your lead magnet, building your delivery, nurture and sales sequences in MailChimp (also possible with other email marketing software), creating a Facebook conversion ads campaign for the lead magnet.

Month 1

  • Create and install your Facebook pixel
  • Create your (warm) audience website (so we capture who is visiting the website currently)
  • Create your (warm) social media audiences (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Create your (warm) contact list audience
  • Create your lookalike audiences (these are the people that most closely match your warm audiences)
  • Create a demographics audience (using information you give me that defines your ideal client)
  • Build a Facebook Page Growth Campaign
  • Build a traffic ad campaign

Phase 2

  • Create your lead magnet – I will work with you on ideas for your lead magnet and review your copy and design ideas*
  • Plan out your landing page for the lead magnet*
  • Write your delivery, nurture and sales sequence emails – I will guide you, you will write the copy*
  • I will build out your delivery automation in MailChimp

Phase 3

  • Build a conversion ad campaign for your chosen lead magnet (with the conversion being reaching the thank you page)

This full campaign covers three months and includes ad monitoring and reporting, which includes making any appropriate tweaks in the course of the ads running.

It does not include copywriting and image sourcing for the ads, but these are elements that can be added in as required.

Facebook ad spend is also not included,

The plan can very much be phased in to fit with you and your budget and can be spread across as long or as short a time as required (beyond three months will incur additional ad management charges for monitoring and reporting).

  • The copywriting and design can be included but additional charges would apply



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