Mailchimp Lead Magnet to Nurture / Sales Campaign

Up to 60 minutes Zoom call time and 120 minutes implementation, working on your Mailchimp account.

Duration : 180 MIN

£397.00 Price incl. VAT: £476.40

So, you’ve designed your first lead magnet, the very thing that will draw potential customers onto your email list, but you’re a bit confused about what to do now…

I can help you to build out your nurture campaign in Mailchimp, from delivering your lead magnet to new contacts through to following up and then nurturing the contact all the way through to becoming a customer.

Let’s spend some time looking at what you really want to happen once you’ve gifted a contact with your lead magnet – what you want the follow up to be, what you want to happen if people click the links, how you want to respond when you know people are looking at your product or service but haven’t yet committed.

In this three hour session we will Zoom call, discuss the plan, talk about your copy (I can even help you write it), create the customer journey and then I will build you an automation sequence in MailChimp (which can be recorded for you) and you will reap the benefits of having a true funnel in place, so that interested contacts are guided towards becoming loyal customers.


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