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How to get to grips with Facebook ads quickly

There are SO many active users on Facebook right now – the numbers are in the billions, so there has never been a better time to be advertising on Facebook. Six million advertisers can’t be wrong… But if it’s something new to you, it’s not always easy to know how to get started.

Facebook ads can feel intimidating and like a bit of a minefield if they’re completely new territory for you, but as with everything new, you need to set aside some time and headspace, and work out the best starting point for you.

Where to start with Facebook ads

With that in mind, here’s some ideas for you if you do want to learn how to build and run your own Facebook ads:


Google home page

It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of “how do I do this” questions I get from people that haven’t even ventured onto this much used resource.

Google has the answer to EVERYTHING, but sometimes it’s about knowing what question you want to ask. If you type in “learn Facebook ads” you will get an overwhelming number of YouTube videos, free resources, paid for courses, cheatsheets, downloads… But often that can feel as complicated and disconcerting as knowing nothing at all – again you are faced with the “where to start” dilemma.

If you’re specific with your question, you may find you get more concise assistance. So for example, you may want to start with “how do I install the Facebook pixel on my WordPress / Wix / Squarespace website” and then work from there.


Facebook Blueprint

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Facebook themselves are willing to help you learn how to create ads. Of course they are!

Facebook has the Facebook Blueprint training area, which is a collection of free training resources and tutorials to help you up your digital marketing game. Again, it helps to know what you want to start with but there’s everything from “A step-by-step guide to creating Facebook ads from your Page” to “How to evaluate and optimise your campaigns with Facebook Ads Manager”. You just need to dive in and make a start.

Listen and learn

Next Level Facebook Ads Podcast

If podcasts are your thing, then there’s a lot you can learn from the wealth of Facebook ad related podcasts available right now.

Here’s some current ones for you:-

If you prefer to read

Mari Smith blog

If reading is your preferred way of learning, then it’s worth scouting out some blogs from the pros, and more often than not you can find a cheeky free download or giveaway of some kind that will help you on your learning journey.

Here’s just a few people you might want to follow:

Train with a pro

If you really want to get to grips with Facebook ads then training with a Facebook professional is seriously the right way to go. Whether it’s via a membership or an online course, learning from the best and having an experienced mentor on hand is invaluable.

I did my initial Facebook ads training with Gavin Bell, who remains to this day one of my favourite Facebook ads experts and it’s well documented that I am a massive fan girl! Gav still offers Facebook ads training as part of his Funnel Academy, so if you’re prepared to put the time and effort in, then this is a great way to learn from the best.

Trial and error

Facebook Ads Manager

You can run Facebook ads from as little as £1 or $1 a day, so there’s very little to be lost in jumping straight in and just giving it a go. Obviously I’d recommend using some of the above resources to get a basic understanding of what you’re doing, but a bit of trial and error never hurt anyone.

Even if you just focus on driving some traffic to your website (and building your warm audience) or growing your Facebook page likes, you may start to see some interesting results – and get the bug to learn more.

Getting Started With Facebook Ads Course

Getting Started With Facebook Ads Course

Because I’ve been on the journey myself, from knowing nothing about Facebook ads right through to where I am now, a Facebook ads professional with a wide range of clients and a good few years of experience behind me, I know exactly how it feels to be faced with so many different options.

And what you really want is an understanding of ALL elements of Facebook advertising and a quick and easy way to work through it all, understand it and get started with building your first ad campaign.

That’s why I created my course, Getting Started With Facebook Ads. It will take you from installing the Facebook pixel on your website, all the way through working out your objectives, building your audiences and creating your ads.


Remember that no-one starts out as an expert. Learning is a process we all have to go through and you will make mistakes along the way or feel like it’s all too complicated, but patience and perseverance are key. And you don’t HAVE to do this.

I have a leaky tap at home. I could probably Google how to fix it or watch a few YouTube videos. But I’m not going to. I will call in a professional and get it fixed – because I have no desire or interest in learning plumbing! So if Facebook ads feel like they’re something that you want for your business, but you’re not interested in learning the mechanics behind them, don’t be scared to outsource them.

You know where I am if you need me!

I can help with setting up and running your Facebook ads, and you can find out all about how to work with me here.