The perfect accompaniment for a sweary office!

Whenever I have an in-person meeting, I always pull out a notebook. I’m just an old fashioned gal!

I cannot function without taking notes, and I cannot type, think and talk at the same time, so scribbling quick notes works for me and ensures my sieve like brain has what it needs when it comes to recalling the details of the meeting.

And I absolutely love new stationery!

It isn’t usually long after a meeting commences that the topic of my…questionable…choice of notebook comes up.


My current notebook collection

So it’s only fair that I share a few of my favourites, so you can grab your own!

These ones are lightweight, paper covers, really handy to chuck in your bag if you get through a LOT of notebooks (like me!). 

Definitely one of my favourite sayings! This What The Actual Fuck notebook is 100 pages and just £5.99! 

This Chaos Coordinator notebook seems apt, especially if you do have to actually work WITH people.  Euuugghhhh! Also £5.99.

This one is very me! I have a face that cannot lie. Unfortunately! You can grab this one for just £5.82.

But, equally sometimes you need something a little more robust, so I do also have an enormous stash of hardcover notebooks! 

I love everything about this one, and it makes a brilliant gift! For whoever the bad ass in your life is! This one is £11.95 (or just £4.99 paperback).

Great for jotting down your death plots for the day! But…also available in hard cover or paperback! £6.99 in paperback and £12.99 for the hardcover.

Also 100% my vibe! Can’t say it, can’t say it… Can’t say it! So write it down! Hardcover is £11.99 and it comes in paperback at £5.99

It can’t just be me that’s eagerly awaiting the launch of the 2024 diary / planners! 

Forget all the bullsh*t “this is going to change your business” planners – just give me something A4, week to view, plenty of space for the things that I desperately try not to forget (thank god for Asana that also keeps me on track) and loads of room for notes! 

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