An image of a mobile phone with the facebook loading screen on it. On the left side of the image there is an orange rectangle with a grey rectangle layered over the top with orange text reading ‘Why my services are changing?’ and on the right side of the image there is an orange circle with white text reading ‘Jo Francis’

Why my services are changing?

What’s changing with the services I offer?

I’ve decided that the time has come to retire the Initial Facebook Ad Campaign Build.

This is one of the services I’ve sold repeatedly throughout the last year and has been the starting block for so many of my clients but I have made the decision to remove this from my list of services. 

“But that doesn’t make sense!” I hear you say…

It honestly does…

And here’s why.

Very, very few clients that have booked this service have ended up having JUST this service. And the reason for this is clear – a single campaign build is not enough. 

Why the Initial Facebook Ad Campaign Build is not enough.

My clients don’t just want to “see what happens” with a Facebook ad campaign, they want a solid ad strategy put in place that builds an effective sales funnel, plus they want their ads monitored and reported on, so they can fully understand what’s happening, they can be confident that testing and tweaking is being managed on their behalf and that ultimately their ads will produce effective results. 

Whilst a single ad campaign can show you what Facebook ads can do, i.e. if I build a campaign to drive traffic, my clients can instantly see that their website is receiving more traffic and their website visitors Facebook audience is growing, there needs to be more campaigns put in place to really maximise on those results. 

If you’re building your warm audiences, there should be a reason behind it, such as retargetting that audience with a lead magnet or a sales offer. And that involves building out more campaigns. 

Getting small businesses started with Facebook ads remains my passion and I still want my services to be accessible to everyone, but I want my clients to reap the benefits of running ads, and that means committing to building out a Facebook ads strategy with multiple campaigns, that will produce the results they ultimately want. 

So it’s goodbye Initial Facebook Campaign Build and hello to the Three Month Facebook Ad Strategy & Campaign Build. 

This is not a new service, many of my clients are already enjoying the success this is bringing them and it means that they’re supported by me for longer, we’re both committed to the success of their ads and we allow enough time to really start producing effective results.

What does the Three Month Facebook Ad Strategy & Campaign Build entail?

Rather than just looking a what would be the most suitable Facebook ad campaign to start you off with, the Three Month Facebook Ad Strategy & Campaign Build will offer the opportunity for me to get a real understanding of your business, your goals, the gaps in your sales funnel and how Facebook ads can help you with audience building and lead generation.

We’ll go deep on working out what is needed and the type of results that can be achieved, and I’ll formulate a strategy for you that will be built out over a period of three months that will harness the power of Facebook ads and give you the opportunity to understand how they can make a difference in your business.

As well as building out the ad campaigns, I’ll also manage the full three months of testing, tweaking and reporting, so you can be confident that your ads are being handled for you and you can get on with doing what you do best – running your business.

Can I book the Three Month Facebook Ad Strategy & Campaign Build now?

There is not a one size fits all strategy, as each business and each goal often requires different Facebook ad campaigns, so this won’t appear as a set price service in my “work with me” offerings, but clients will still continue to be able to pay the deposit for this service via my website, to ensure that they are able to secure my time and the full price for the service will be laid out individually for each client on a bespoke basis.

If you want to find out more, why not book in for a free 15 minute consultation.