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Facebook Ads For Lead Generation

I’m a huge advocate of using Facebook ads as part of your sales funnel, and actually creating ad campaigns for every step of the funnel.

By that I mean build “top of funnel” Facebook ads – campaigns that focus on traffic, video views and even engagement. And also create “middle of funnel” ads that drive people onto your email list. Then finally have your “bottom of funnel” conversion ads, that focus on turning your warm audience into customers / clients.

However, there are some instances where I feel a client can jump straight into a lead generation campaign.

Much of that decision will be based on product / service, my research of their market, their objective and their willingness to test out the market.

What kind of campaign do you need to set up?

Lead generation can be achieved in a number of ways with Facebook ads (not going to give away ALL my secrets in one blog, am I?!) but Facebook’s native lead gen campaigns are working really well right now.

A lead generation campaign keeps the end user ON Facebook therefore making it easy for them to express interest. People can simply tap your ad and a form pops up – it’s already pre-populated with their Facebook contact information and ready to be sent directly to you. With just a few taps, they can get the information they want, and you generate a qualified lead for your business.

How do lead gen ads work?

Lead gen ads offer the opportunity to:-

Make the most of mobile.

Pre-populated forms means people can submit their contact information with ease, even on the small screen.

Reduce drop-offs.

Facebook lead ads do most of the work of filling in contact forms, so people are more likely to complete them.

Ask the right questions.

To get higher-quality leads, you can customise the forms to ask for the most important information first.

Easily downloadable lead information.

Newly generated leads can be downloaded straight from Ads Manager or you can connect directly to your CRM system. 

What do you need for lead gen ads?

Much the same as any ad campaign that you’re planning on Facebook, you’ll need:-

  • Suitable ad copy – this is the information that people see that gets them interested enough to click the ad and leave their information.
  • Suitable ad images – we would need a range of images so that we can assess what type of image attracts the best leads
  • The relevant questions that you want to ask to pre-qualify the leads

Who will this work best for?

Lead gen ads seem to work best for businesses that want to get in touch with people and convert the lead directly.

What do I mean by that?

If you want to get someone to leave their contact details (ideally email and phone number) and then you’re happy to reach out to that person, pretty quickly, to see if you can help them. 

Through the process with a number of clients, I do recommend taking phone numbers now and actually putting in a call to try and convert the lead. Far too often an email can go unopened or head into spam, and it becomes a wasted lead. Whereas if people have given their phone number, it generally means they’re open to being contacted by telephone. 

Have you got any case studies?

Of course I’ve got case studies! Bear in mind, what I’m showing you are the leads – not all leads convert into business, but, when you work with me, that is something we keep track of. It’s important that the quality of leads is high and they convert into customers / clients.

Wedding Industry Lead Gen 

This client offers photo booth’s and selfie mirrors, dance floors, discos and DJ’s for weddings and has seen great results with his lead gen campaign.

An average £4.93 per lead and the minimum revenue from a converted lead is £345. 

He does also have top of funnel ad campaigns running, to ensure that throughout the geographical area he operates in, his business is seen, whether couples are at the start of their wedding planning journey or are further along the line and ready to book his services. 

Branded Goods Lead Gen 

This is a really new client whose lead gen campaign has got off to an impressive start, with 32 leads in less than ten days! 

His branded goods are industry specific, which has given us a strong foundation in terms of audience targeting, and research of his marketplace has shown that his competitors are not doing very much Facebook advertising, which is putting him at a great advantage.

An average £1.92 per lead and the minimum order value for leads that convert is £150. 

Financial Services Lead Gen

Financial Services is a really competitive market for lead generation, so together with this client I have worked really hard to bring in competitively priced leads.

It has taken time, patience and a whole lot of testing to achieve the results that you can see, and there has been a fair amount of fluctuation along the way.

They closely monitor the quality of the leads and their conversion rates, but this is now a key driver for new business for their company.

The ads are driving leads for various financial services products, so lead costs vary from £3.05 per lead to £7.22 per lead, but revenue per converted leads also varies. 

So how do you decide if lead gen ads are for you?

Deciding what ad campaigns to run is really important before you dive in. You need to know what your objective is, what you want to achieve and how best to go about it.

That’s pretty much what I cover in my Ad Action Plan, and you come away with a PDF document that details exactly what campaigns you need and why.

So if you’re ready to get going, let’s get you booked in! 

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